Totally Baked Donuts

100% Vegan/Gluten free

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12 Donut Minimum per order when placing a direct order.

(No minimums during a Pop-Up event.)

$15 Delivery Charge in Minneapolis or Free Pick up in S. Minneapolis

Mini Donuts $1.00 each


  • Cinnamon
  • Anise

Specialty Minis $1.50 each

  • Mini Almond & Chocolate Chip  Almond w/Vanilla Glaze and almonds 
  • Chocolate Chip (w/Chocolate Glaze)

Matcha Minis $2 each

Cardamom Pistachio $2 each

Seasonal $3.50 each

  • Pumpkin Donut  Pumpkin 
  • gingerbread  Gingerbread MA’AM 

Regular size $3.00 (Glazed)

  • lemon-hempseed  Lemon Hempseed 
  • OMG! Chocolate  OMG! Chocolate
  • OMG! Chocolate w/Sea Salt
  •   OMG! Hot Chocolate (Spicy)
  • OMG! Peppermint   OMG! Chocolate Mint
  • OMG! Chocolate  OMG! Mocha
  • OMG! Coconut  OMG! Coconut
  • Chocolate Chip  Chocolate Chip
  •   Walnut Chocolate Chip
  •   Oatmeal Chocolate Chip
  • Maple w:sea salt & cashews  Maple w/Sea Salt & Cashews
  • Maple w/Almonds   Maple w/Almonds
  • Maple Bacon Donut Maple Bacon (vegan bacon)
  • Maple Walnut
  •   Maple Pecan

Savory Donuts $3.50

  • Jalapeno Cheese  Jalapeño Cheese (vegan cheese)

(best served warm or toasted)

Feel free to contact me about allergies and altering ingredients for you.